Studying Antarctic tundra dynamics in the course of progressive warming in the Antarctic Peninsula

We intend to gain new data about the processes of Antarctic tundra formation in conditions of several recently deglaciated regions, for instance, the patterns of colonization by plants, flora and fauna species interactions in contest of climatic and atmospheric changes.


During last time we can unique possibility observe manifestation of global warming. Especial big climate exchanges are visible in Polar Regions. West Antarctica is most interesting experimental zone in context of terrestrial ecosystems formation in conditions of the glaciers retreat.

This situation let us carry out terrestrial ecosystems formation de novo investigation by: geobotanical investigation of the Antarctic tundra; population research of higher Antarctic plants with the object of their populations' states and strategies; research of the species diversity of lower plants, mosses and invertebrates to reveal dominate species that are important in the tundra dynamics and trophic structure research; studying the birds participation in Antarctic coenoses dominate species' spreading and it's further modeling by artificial transfer of the species; collecting the material for cytogenetic and molecular biological research of the insular biota; collecting ground samples for biogens and heavy metals evaluation.

Funding scheme

Medium size focused research collaborative project.

Expected impact

The research would provide data for colonization scheme. This scheme will base on all general biological (now days and historical evidence animal and plant species interactions), climatic and atmospheric parameters. This scheme will be connect with concrete territories with different conditions but synchronize deglaciation. This resulting scheme will be first step of annual regular monitoring of the Antarctic tundra and may be use by each polar station. This scheme allow to predict future changes in Earth System.

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